Teaching Tools

  • Teacher's Guide Levels 1-5
    Teacher's Guide Levels 1-5 $65.00 Add To Cart
    Teacher developed, 79 guided lessons are for direct instruction by parents, teachers, tutors. Lessons are for one-on-one and are adaptable for use with small groups. Orton-Gillingham based explicit, systematic, multi-sensory...
  • Go Phonics Basic Skills Assessments
    Go Phonics Basic Skills Assessments $40.00 Add To Cart
    Assessments to know where to start, find gaps, measure progress. Scope: phonemic awareness, phonics, nonsense syllables, choices for spelling a sound, spelling words, handwriting, reading, comprehension. PDF files include...
  • 2 Card Games Level 1
    2 Card Games Level 1 $5.00 Add To Cart
    These two game card sets add to the activities for Level 1 in the Go Phonics Teacher’s Guide. They target letter-sound recognition and applying skills to read short a stories as the alphabet is being taught. They come...
  • Key Word Chart Set
    Key Word Chart Set $11.00 Add To Cart
    3 Key Word Charts: 96 key words, illustrations, codes for teaching the letters (in alphabetical order), digraphs, trigraphs, phonograms (in the order taught and appear in the stories). 1 Prefix & Suffix Chart...
  • Letter Card Set
    Letter Card Set $17.00 Add To Cart
    This Letter Card Set (Levels 1-5) is for daily review of sounds taught: alphabet (vowels, consonants), digraphs, trigraphs, and phonongrams. Cards are pink for vowels, white for consonants, with head, belt, and foot lines...
  • Word Lists Book
    Word Lists Book $19.00 Add To Cart
    Categorized by the phonetic sounds of the English language with over 140 phonetically based lists, useful reading and spelling rules. A time saver for developing games, spelling lists, text - primary level and beyond...
  • Go Phonics Songbook w/CD
    Go Phonics Songbook w/CD $11.00 Add To Cart
    Songs for Learning to Read has songs, raps, poems about letter sounds, rhyme, phonetic rules... and language concepts (nouns, verbs, adjectives...). Songbook has written music, chords). Audio CD has female voice and piano...